Sunday, April 11, 2010


Because ever changing times and a fast-paced, technological world, the death of print seems imminent. We now wonder if there will ever come a day when print media truly perish, to be a forgotten notion, a “once had been” in the future. Honestly, I believe that print media will never die, nor is it dying. So long as words remain present, print media and print in its entirety will never die. I am 90s girl, and 90s people are usually caught between the advancement of technology and holding onto tangible, old things. Because of this, I personally have a love for print, for books and for concrete, real things. The Internet is amazing in a way that every thing is given to you at the snap of your finger, archives are there for you to refer back to and to browse on, and basically, everything you need the new media can surely provide for you, guaranteed. But in a way, it’s so limiting and so frustrating because the world is presented before and yet the barrier lies between you and an inanimate computer screen. People sometimes forget that flipping actual pages, rather than trying to conquer eye strains is so much more effective. And that thing with the new media is that it is mostly full of images. And words lessen and lessen. And that is most frightening thought. For like mentioned earlier, the loss of words would entail the loss of print media in its entirety.

But no, print, as of now, is not dying. In fact it is evolving and ever-changing as well to keep up with the times. It’s all moved on to the Internet, print media is still there, providing us with the things we need on a daily basis. Print media is just becoming technological and advanced. Everybody now has no excuse to ignore print media because it has been laid out for all the world to feast upon. It is just ashame that it cannot be anymore concrete, but I think that so long as there are people like me, who cannot comprehend life without books and words, are out there, the antiquated versions of print media will always remain alive for the world to know about, no question about that.

People say today is the era where print media dies. I beg to differ. No force can kill the importance and purpose of print media. Imagine a world where it’s gone, everybody will just turn into mindless blobs (literally), the children will never know of amazing, useful things for life and everyday and the world will seriously fall apart because people don’t know how to read, write, appreciate words and flip pages. What a shame that would all be. And what a terrible world we’ll live in.

Don’t kill it. Or you’ll kill youself.

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