Sunday, March 7, 2010


TAFT AVENUE Burgundy Transpacific Place, infamous for crime thefts, has finally thought of the best way to prevent it while assuring their tenants of their safety: the biometric security system.

With the required registration among all tenants starting October of 2009 and finally its official implementation during January 2010, this new system serves to control tenants and visitors’ entry and exit of the building.

Each tenant is required to register their details, their fingerprint and their face into the building’s security computer unit. This is done so that, when they enter or exit the building, their fingerprints are registered on the scanner for the guards to monitor whether the tenant is within their unit or not. If the tenant is not within the premises no visitor is allowed to go up. Visitors, if they frequent often to a particular unit are required to register in a separate computer init in the main security desk at the lobby. If they do not frequent often are required to register manually in the security logbook.

This new biometric system has raised some opinions from a variety of people. Most do not like the hassle of registering themselves in a computer unit.

Mashadong kumukuha nang oras kasi. Nakakatamad. Kelangan pa mag-bayad!”, says Katie, a tenant of the building.

…Parang nakakasagabal sa amin. ‘di na pwede basta-basta mag deliver. Nagtratrabaho lang naman kami eh,” says Erwin, delivery boy for Sevenstar.

Ang hassle nito eh! Paano kung nagmamadali kami? Ang hassle lang,” complains an anonymous male tenant of the building.

However, while some disagree with the implementation of the new system, positive feedback is also gained from this new technology:

It’s better now. Safer,” says Luisito, a resident of Torre Lorenzo visiting the premises.

“I feel more assured now. I always feared my laptop would suddenly disappear as soon as I get home, based on the stories I’ve heard before!”, Jessica, a resident of the building, says.

Wow ha. Hanep ang Burg na now. Umaasenso! Mas okay ang ganito,” comments Lucky, a resident of Kassel Towers visiting the premises as well.

The reason why there are seemingly many contradictions coming everywhere is because the tenants have not adjusted to this new system,” Engineer Laila Valdez, Head of the Administration Office, reasons out. The Admin hope that in due time, everyone will be able to adjust to the latest installment because it is there to serve them and assure them of security.

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