Sunday, March 7, 2010


Learn the ways of fitting in any crowd, no matter the age bracket, time or place!

Professors, in the view of a student, are established beings meant to be placed in a high-pedestal – a very far distance away from them. The rift between student and teacher, although unspoken, is quite visible. Whether it may be due to implicated authority, the age bracket or simply just common sense social norms, the reality is this: No matter where you’re located, the same social principles apply. If you’re not cool enough, you’re out. And this social reality may be seem even more difficult on the part of the professors causing to feel the slight ounces of isolation in the very own academe they are meant to be a part of.

But of course, there is no problem that cannot be solved! If you’re feeling isolated, then why not just dive in head first in the crowd? It’s simple, it’s easy and here are a few tips on making the crowd your own:

1. Wear the “right” clothes – Because it’s not 1979 anymore. To wear the most tackiest clothes in a 2010 modern setting would be close to murder and no student would want to go anywhere near you.

2. Eat in the “right” places – It’s all about being seen. If you’re always in a particular place, students find themselves more familiar with you, therefore the chances of them thinking you’re interesting, cool and amiable are very high.

3. Do not, for the love of God, crack ‘jologs’ jokes in the middle of class – They’re not funny. And laughing to yourself in the middle of discussion is seriously a pointer for a student to call the mental asylum for you.

4. Make a Facebook account – Students love to see what their prof is up to and Facebook is the way to go! If you’re cool and in tune with the times having one will be beneficial to you if you want to reach out to your students and vice versa.

5. Do not hang with the “terror profs” – This will just make the students veer away in fear from you, instead of achieving the goal of attracting them to you.

6. Take genuine interest in your students – It’s like how a parent gives attention to a child, students like it when teachers take interest in them. In the end, they will do the same and feel comfortable to approach you whenever they feel the need to consult you.

7. BREAK SOME RULES – Do not be a prissy, uptight professor that abides by the rules word per word. Students like it when their teachers are easygoing people; lenient but with sense. It captures their attention and makes them feel as if you can relate to them.

8. Make your own crowd – If you really can’t blend in with the students, no worries! If you’ve got a bunch of other isolated colleagues amidst you, gather them and form your own crew to show off to the world! It’s not just the students who can form cliques around campus, so can you!

9. BE COOL, DO NOT DROOL – Acting like a fool will only get you laughed at. Basically, just be yourself – confident and interesting in class and out. That is the best way to capture the attention of the students because believe me, they notice everything.

It doesn’t take much to fit in. It’s all about character and confidence. It’s about being sensible and being interesting. Whatever setting you’re placed in, whatever your age may be, if you have that particular charismatic aura, you’re in or even better yet, you’re on top of the crowd. Fitting in anything doesn’t take so much effort. Don’t force it, don’t overdo it and don’t be ridiculous. Just be yourself and the students will look towards your direction. That’s a fact.

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